ART PARIS : 2019

4 - 7 April 2019 



According to Béatrice Casadesus (born 1942) the starting point for her entire body of work lies in a need to take stock of her life. From sculptures to paintings, her work focuses on the circular shape of the dot. Inspired by the golden pagodas she discovered during her travels to the Far East (Burma, Japan, etc.), her large format canvases such as Nuit d’Or and Renaissance (2015) display an almost metallic aspect. Working from her traditional dots, the artist adds drips of acrylic colour that create effects of rhythm on the support and the impression that what we are seeing is in fact a tapestry in the making.  


Other pieces are reminiscent of the ink on paper works of French artist Pierrette Bloch, with whom she shares a fondness for repetition. Relying neither on a narrative, nor figuration, Béatrice Casadesus transforms the humble dot from a simple geometric or ornamental figure into the very essence of matter itself.


Fanny Verdier pour AWARE (Archives of Women Artists Research & Exhibitions)