19 September - 7 November 2020
Installation views

Press Release 


Galerie Dutko is pleased to present from September 190 to November 7 a retrospective exhibition of works by French painter Jean-Pierre Pincemin (1944–2005). This is the artist’s second retrospective exhibition at Galerie Dutko after the one held in 2011.


It was in the rooms of the Louvre that the young Jean-Pierre Pincemin discovered the paintings of the great masters of art history. His meeting with the gallery owner Jean Fournier in 1965 brought him into contact with a young generation of avant-garde artists, notably Simon Hantai, Claude Viallat, and those who were to form the group Supports/Surfaces. Jean-Fournier told Pincemin that he was made to be a painter. Taking this recommendation very seriously, the first works were born, Carrés-Collés for a time, following research similar to that of Supports/Surfaces, then Palissades. These were elaborated according to predefined schemes, the canvas cut into strips, soaked in baths of paint, then assembled according to orthogonal compositions.




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