Vicky COLOMBET: Eau et Lumière

26 October - 2 December 2023

> DUTKO / Quai Voltaire



La Galerie Dutko présente du 26 octobre au 2 décembre les œuvres récentes de l’artiste franco-américaine Vicky Colombet. Ce troisième solo-show réunit autour de la notion d’apparition une quinzaine de toiles créées entre 2019 et 2023.

Installation views
Press release
Living and working between Paris and New York, Vicky Colombet is a French American artist born in Paris in 1953.
In the Hudson Valley, at the break of day, beneath a blue sun, amid a radiant summer, Vicky Colombet's artworks, showcased at Galerie Dutko, intertwine with the paths drawn by nature. Inviting light, materials, and the energy of the landscape to guide and shape her canvas, the artist embraces the rhythms of time, exploring in the studio the natural abstractions of life that inscribe the moment. Here, the motif is not the landscape that painters have long taken as their subject, but rather the means and the opportunity to immerse oneself in it, to explore the sensations it evokes outside the body, the subtle yet unmistakable resonances it induces. No horizon, no perspective, no escape. Vicky Colombet neither describes nor depicts. Her painting dissolves the motif to capture its minute essence and powerful magnitude. The canvas itself becomes nature and landscape, like a metaphor for the earth, terrestrial, celestial, vibrant, and fragile.

During her childhood, Vicky Colombet traveled extensively to Southeast Asia with her parents as her mother searched for her Asian ancestry. In the early 1970s she studied political science at the university of Bordeaux but gave it up to join the French Women’s Liberation Movement (MLF). She co-founded the Women’s Rights League with Simone de Beauvoir, Anne Zelensky, Annie Sugier, and created the journal «Les Nouvelles Féministes.»  In 1975, she opened a design company and began to paint. Encouraged to pursue an artistic career by the writer Christiane Rochefort, she trained under the artist Henri Dimier from 1976 to 1979, experimenting notably with natural pigments sharing with the painter an interest in metaphysics, what exists beyond, what underlies, and what transcends the physical nature of the world and reality. In 2001, she moved to the United States after having lived and had studios in Barcelona and later in the Cévennes in an old mill-workshop spanning a river.  She became an American citizen in 2013 and settled in the Hudson Valley.


Her work has been showcased in numerous museums, including: 


the Marmottan Monet Museum, Paris, France; the Kladno Museum, Prague, Czech Republic; the Im Prediger Museum, Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany; the Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY, USA; the Bund One Art Museum, Shanghai, China; the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), St. Petersburg, FL, USA; the WAAM Museum, Woodstock, USA.


Her artworks are part of major collections, including those of the Marmottan Monet Museum, Paris, France; Albright-Knox Museum, Buffalo, NY, USA; Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH), Houston, TX, USA; Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Tucson Museum of Art (TMA), AZ, USA; M&T Bank Collection, New York, USA; and the Rubis Mécénat Collection, Paris, France.