CHRISTIAN JACCARD: Pics de combustion

13 January - 2 March 2024

Du jeudi au samedi, 14h30-19h et sur rendez-vous

La galerie Dutko a le plaisir de présenter du 13 janvier au 2 mars 2024 une exposition de l’artiste d’origine suisse Christian Jaccard. Après avoir montrer ses œuvres à l’occasion de plusieurs expositions de groupe, il s’agira du premier solo show de l’artiste avec la galerie. Une œuvre sera réalisée in situ (combustions murale), accompagnée d’une série de brûlis sur toile réalisée au début des années 2000, intitulée « Pics de combustion ».


> DUTKO / Ile Saint-Louis

Installation views
Press release

For over five decades, Christian Jaccard has been developing a body of work exploring two key operations: knotting and burning. These paradigmatic "tools" serve him to express a way of conceiving things and, more broadly, his worldview. Philosophy, phenomenology, anthropology, and sciences are at the heart of the artist's aesthetic research. They permeate the various series of works with profound reflections on the principles of creation/deconstruction, notions of time and memory, and the origins and fundamental principles of art.


The exhibition presented by Galerie Dutko is structured around a series of works created in the early 2000s titled "Burning Peaks," in which Christian Jaccard establishes an analogy between the combustion traces left by flammable gel arranged on canvas and the graphical fluctuations of stock market peaks. A monumental work, following the development principles of "Burning Peaks," will be created in situ on the gallery's large wall. An ephemeral work (which will disappear at the end of the exhibition), its creation will be the subject of filming and documented by a photographic report.


This exhibition resonates with the solo exhibition dedicated to Christian Jaccard, organized from December 16, 2023, to April 21, 2024, by the Fabre Museum in Montpellier. It is worth noting the release in January 2024 of "The Whims of Thought," the artist's studio notes, published by the ENSBA editions (Artist's Writings collection).