Philippe Anthonioz shakes up our definition of design and blurs our image of sculpture. In his work, the boundaries that separate sculpture from furniture exist in order to be crossed. Furniture as sculpture ? Sculpture as furniture ? A constant toing and froing by the artist between the fine and applied arts.

Anthonioz does not design his furniture; rather he shapes it in plaster, before modifying the scale and transmuting the material. The delicate maquette modelled in the softness of gypsum becomes a bronze chair, commanding and confident. The powerful presence in space of his furniture/sculpture succeeds in holding at a distance all the hackneyed clichés of design. He never squanders his talent on work that is facile, long-winded or insipid. His areas of interest convey his journeys of discovery through poetry and literature, given new expression in the dense solidity of bronze.

Intimacy is also a feature of his work, which embraces the wind, brotherhood, passion and utopias. Pieces in polished plaster, in natural or polychrome wood, speak eloquently of the formal and stylistic richness of Anthonioz's work, of his love for his materials, for history and for the art of sculpture.


Philippe Anthonioz is a French sculptor and artist from Paris, France. Philippe was born in Paris on December 7th 1953. He is self-taught and started his career working with Nadia Pasquer, Raymond Mason and finally with Diego Giacometti. Philippe’s work has been ex­hibited extensively in museums around the world. He lives and works in Paris.