Feu, 2016

Sophie Cauvin’s artwork sweeps us away on a voyage to inner landscapes. In this jumble of wind and light, what strikes the eye is the exploration of the states of matter. The artist uses natural materials such as sand, soil, and ash (a paradigm of both the earthly and the celestial, the astral), thus producing the Promethean dream of continuous creative movement.


We watch the birth of matter itself, before mankind, before the universe. All in an incredible big bang, even perhaps before the hand of God established order out of chaos. Up-close, the scratches, rips, and cauterizations are nearly palpable proof of the explosion of forms, accentuated by drippings of matter that liberate cosmic landscapes.


Everything here is tension and even violence. Every prevarication is rejected into a sort of harmony bordering on scarcity. The colours themselves participate in a deliberate disorderliness via their primitive nuances hoarding up raw matter. The beiges, the greys, and the blacks toy with the divine spectacle, swirl under the hand of this organ builder, this pantheist artist able to unite God and universe.






Sophie Cauvin was born in 1968 in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium. After graduating from the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, she pursued graduate-level studies in painting and sculpture at this same academy of art. SophieCauvin has exhibited her work in numerous collective and personal showings in Belgium and in France.


Her awards include the Doutrelon de Try Foundation prize as well as the Allaux Bahès prize, to name but two.