Discovering Lauren Collin's work is a revelation. However, seeing her work does not mean understanding her artistic language. To do so, you must embark on an enigmatic and mysterious journey that takes place on her terms and with her agreement.


Lauren Collin's work, inspired by Nature and by everything observed around her, creates new perspectives. It cannot be not totally unintelligible, or it would escape us entirely.  She uses white or black paper and trickles of blue paint to highlight some of her bas-reliefs. The cuts on the surface of the paper create a false sense of fragility. Light is all-important. Despite similarities to origami, Lauren Collin's work is more a reinterpretation than a faithful image. 






Lauren Collin is a young artist who studied at the Atelier de Sèvres, a preparatory art school in Paris, before successfully passing the ESAG Penninghen entrance exam in interior design. After graduating from ESAG, she joined an architecture firm, where she learnt to turn wood with typically French elegance. 


In 2014, she produced a paper bas-relief for Gilles & Bossier as part of the AD exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifsde Paris. At this exhibition, her work was remarked by the Dutko Gallery. Since then, she has worked as an artist full-time. Since her first exhibition in 2016, Lauren Collin has been solicited for prestigious projects, as the Hotel CRILLON in Paris (18 artpieces for several hotel suites), a monumental work (more than 250cm) made for Christian Liaigre in New York. She also was finalist of an important Art Price "Liliane Bettancourt Prix pour l’Intelligence de la main”.