Manuela Zervudachi was born in London in 1963 of an Irish mother and a Greek father. Since childhood Manuela chose sculpture as the medium to express herself. She went to New York and followed her training at Parsons School of design where she specialized in metal work. In 1988 Manuela settled in Tuscany, near Pietrasanta, a true Mecca for sculptors, home of a dozen of the best bronze foundries in the world. Here, Manuela studied under her mentor, the sculptor Fiore de Henriquez, who revealed to her the alchemical processes of the bronze and lost wax techniques. Since 1991, when Manuela Zervudachi settled with her family in Paris she has exhibited regularly in London, Paris and Switzerland. Her work reveals a fascination for mans state, his internal evolution, within his environment. She has worked successively on the themes of the Tarot, symbolism in the human body, Time, and the Seed. As well as this, Manuela also collaborates regularly with interior architects and various collectors who commission particular works.